Primera's Partnerships

with More to Come

By leveraging an innovative toolbox with the support of key strategic partners, Primera seeks to accelerate the development of mitochondrial disease treatments and rapidly support this undeserved patient population. Primera intends to work directly with Cellectis, CHOP, Mayo Clinic, UMDF and other collaborators, to bring potential treatments to clinic as fast as possible.

The Mayo Clinic brings first-rate clinical expertise and tested mitochondrial gene editing technology. Mayo is at forefront of medical innovation and houses world-class scientists and physicians
Tissue dynamics supplies tools that enable 3D modeling of the human brain, kidney, liver and heart and a genome-scale CRISPR knock-out library of metabolically functional human cells
Company with well established cell factory design and bioengineering capabilities working with Primera on synthetic biology and enzyme discovery/engineering.
Venture studio focused on building companies from the ground up around innovative technologies.