Primera Therapeutics is focused on addressing the root cause of mitochondrial diseases by developing a first-in-class gene editing platform to target inherited mutant mitochondrial DNA. Primera’s first approach uses a fully customizable TALE-based system to specifically target the mutant DNA in the mitochondrial genome. This delivery application enables precision gene editing to be deployed at the mitochondrial level for the first time. By leveraging an innovative toolbox with the support of key strategic partners, Primera seeks to accelerate the development of mitochondrial disease cures and quickly aid this underserved patient population. Primera intends to work directly with Cellectis, , CHOP, Mayo Clinic, UMDF and other collaborators, to bring a cure to clinic as fast as possible. 

Primera is pioneering the gene editing platform developed in the Mayo Clinic labs of Dr. Steven Ekker and Dr. Karl Clark to precisely correct a patient’s mutated mtDNA and discover potential cures for mitochondrial disease. This platform was initially developed to provide a therapeutic solution for patients that seek out treatment at Mayo Clinic, but Primera hopes to more broadly expand its application to help patients in need. 

Primera - The First Spinout for Mayflower BioVentures

Primera is the first company to be launched out of Mayflower BioVentures, a joint venture between Mayo Clinic, Hibiscus BioVentures and others. Mayflower was purpose-built to leverage Mayo Clinic’s Innovation Ecosystem in Cell & Gene Science to advance and accelerate delivering therapies to patients in need. Primera’s partnership with Mayo Clinic provides key clinical support and thought leadership to advance patient care for complex diseases as well as interdisciplinary research and the clinical treatment for mitochondrial disease through its Mitochondrial Care Research Center.

Mitochondrial Disease